When are you a couple when dating online on Older Dating Online?

When are you a couple when dating online on Older Dating Online?

When is it time to be exclusive or is it still acceptable to be meeting and dating other forty plus daters even though you are seeing one dater on a regular basis?

An active online dating profile seems to annoy quite a few people when they start dating a forty plus dater on a regular basis. Is there is an unspoken rule about dating for a certain length of time before suspending your online dating profile or calling it a forty plus  relationship or do you make it exclusive as soon as you both feel comfortable about it. ?

Even if you are smitten enough by your senior date to the point that you are thinking about them all the time it is always  prudent to put aside emotions and consider online dating in a practical way.
Do you both share similar life goals or aspire to the same things in future? Have you both got similar opinions on money, where to live, religion, holidays and travel?

If you have never given a thought to these issues or never discussed them with your forty plus dater, how do you know you both are compatible enough to be in an exclusive relationship? These are important aspects to consider in the future and if you have never had this type of discussion then you are certainly not ready to be exclusive.

In fact by preventing yourself from exploring other potential online dates and possible relationships , you may be missing an opportunity to meet other daters who are more compatible to your personality and likely to be better long-term relationship material.

However, if you believe you and your present dating partner are compatible and share the essential values then maybe it is time to start and exclusive relationship. This has to be a mutual agreement needs to be discussed like all other things.
Never assume that cause you and your partner share the same life goals and feelings for each other that it’s enough to decide in favour of an exclusive relationship. A clear and honest discussion on the issue is much more preferable if you don’t want to set yourself for disappointment and possible heartbreak later. You need to explore if you are both emotionally ready for exclusive relationships. If this conversation is too awkward to bring up then it would seem obvious that you are not ready for an exclusive relationship.

Finally it is your personal equation with your partner which is the best guide to how long you should date before making it exclusive. Going from dating to exclusivity should be a natural transition, one that gradually occurs from dating to becoming an official couple..

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