2021 isolation and online dating with Older Dating Online

2021 isolation and online dating during a pandemic with Older Dating Online

Most of us have had plans for our lives and these have probably been put on hold because of Covid19 and our lives have been changed over this period.

With home testing kits being delivered to some areas in the South of London as the government is trying to clamp down on the new South African variant of Covid which is apparently much more easily transferrable. Staying home and staying safe and social distancing have words that are even frequenting our dreams and many forty plus singles are isolated and many people living alone are lonely and worried about their mental health. Many people are spending time in their gardens and relying on their pets for company.

This of course makes older dating online even more of a challenge, however with a little imagination it can also be a rewarding and enriching experience, with Olderdatingonline. This could be a chance to show off your creative side and impress your forty plus single date even more.

Covid-19 will almost inevitably be used as a backdrop for a romantic comedy or a pandemic movie in the not too distant future, so here is your chance to star in your own memory making epic. Making it a comedy and laughing about some of the details in life can be one way of coping with the more difficult aspects of this pandemic period. This could help with the fear and anxiety as many people will be feeling uncertain and mental health could be an issue for many.

Let’s start with date nights, as this is our bit of history in the making! So, let’s make the most of it shall we and shine like the creative hero that we have always imagined that we would be in a crisis. I have watched my fair share of pandemic movies in the past but never dreamed that I would be living through a pandemic.

We have so much technology so let’s use it and go for a virtual walk together. We are allowed out for an hour so spend it together, in a virtual meet up and show each other the views that we are enjoying. We don’t need to be side by side to share a laugh and make memories, we could be just in touch over our phones or on a zoom meet up, after all that is the beauty of tech.

Watch a film together but in your own homes or arranged to watch the same Netflix series and make sure that you are watching the same episode and don’t watch forward, grow your relationship while staying safe and not having to pay for the parking, or restaurant prices and you can even chose the wine, which all seems like a bonus, to me. You can discuss the film and not have to put up with other people talking or rattling their crisp packets.

It may be a good opportunity to explore deeper issues now that we all have so much more time available. Forty plus single dating is different at the moment but that is not an excuse to stop looking for a friend or online date, because if you do you will be missing out on the fun and creative ways that it can work and change your future. Make sure you don’t miss out on Valentine fun even if you are staying at home and staying safe.

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