Are you confident for online dating on Older Dating Online

Are you confident for online dating on Older Dating Online 

Why is it that some people just seem to have it? They ooze confidence without being arrogant, which is very off putting and unattractive. Self confident daters do not need to be arrogant because they are just comfortable with themselves, they seem to be so at ease. They are happy and like to be liked but if you don’t like them it doesn’t make them unhappy or uneasy because they like themselves. What a lovely way to live.

Being happy with yourself is a quality that is a life changer and not only an advantage in online dating but with life in general. As a self confident person you make great friends and have very successful dating relationships too. Self confident daters are popular and they are good company as their happiness rubs off on other forty plus daters on Older Dating Online.

Some of the traits of confident people is that they smile and hold eye contact.

It’s not hard to smile and make eye contact, practice it in the mirror if you need too. Look at how positive your face looks when you look at yourself and smile. Your face will lighten and lift and you will appear positive and happy. Practice feeling and thinking happy thoughts and make sure your mouth is smiling as much as possible. Eye contact is an engaging and powerful asset to practice and it changes your whole persona as a dater. Making eye contact also means that you need to walk with your head held up and this will change your body posture too. You will stand taller and look more balanced and fitter.

Focus your eyes slightly ahead when you are walking and look slightly upward. You will get a different perspective and looking about you means that you will notice more things like the trees and the birds, the beauty of the day and this will all be positive and encouraging. Your world will be bigger and your vision will be more outward looking rather than self focused. This new outlook will give you self confidence.

Self confident daters wear clothes they feel great and comfortable in, they have their own style. Their clothes are not to follow a trend or have a label. Self confident people can carry off whatever they wear as they are comfortable with themselves and they don’t need others to tell them that they look good or that they are doing well they are just happy with who they are as a forty plus dater on Older Dating Online.

There is something magical about really being listened to and this is something that confident people know so well. They know how to take an interest in others and to ask the right questions and show the appropriate response. They can converse whatever the subject matter and they don’t feel threatened if they aren’t the centre of attention. Self confident daters are kind to themselves and those around them. They don’t need to bring other’s down to make themselves feel good, so they are sensitive to the feelings of other forty plus daters. Self confident daters respect themselves, their body and their emotions. They know what to do to look after themselves and how to live life well. They are unlikely to continue relationships that are unsatisfying or go against their values. They have the confidence to know to prioritise their needs.

They will tend to be open and positive in their outlook and don’t tell lies or post false pictures on their online dating profile and are more likely to enjoy forty plus dating. Take a second look at your dating profile on Older Dating Online.  Are you portraying yourself in a positive and confident light? Are you smiling and being open in your photographs? It is important to be true to yourself to build your own self confidence when online dating.


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