Are you really active or do you enjoy doing nothing on dates on Older Dating Online?

Are you really active or do you enjoy doing nothing on dates on Older Dating Online?

Forty plus daters differ in how much energy they like to expend and may prefer a more relaxed pace and more peace and quiet. Dating relationships usually work best when both partners have similar activity characteristics.

This also applies to holiday types. Some daters like to relax and read by the pool while those enjoy a holiday with a bigger variety of adventurous activities, perhaps touring or playing sport.

It may be that as you are working hard and long hours and therefore your holidays are a period of complete chilling with plenty of cocktails and chilling on the beach in the sun.

There will have to be a compromise between the forty plus partners if one of you expects  your everyday life to be lively active and full of variety. Perhaps you are someone who enjoys playing sport several times a week. If you are in a partnership with a dater who loves to read and enjoys lying in the sunshine in the garden but has no problem with you enjoying your activities then embrace the difference and appreciate each other’s characteristics that you both share.

Our parents’ influence and what sort of upbringing we were given has an effect on how we communicate with others as an adult. Childhood experience plays a big part in how we behave and deal with social exchanges.

The caring parent ego is that part of our personality which wants to do things for others and will go out of their way to assist others. On the other side a critical influence in our childhood will pass into our adulthood. So words used to scold or encourage often influence our future dating relationships.

The person you were as a child lives on in you and shapes your present-day feelings, impulses, desires, and reactions.

Children express themselves artlessly and spontaneously. When you burst into tears, laugh aloud joyfully, arrive at dates late without an apology you are expressing the child within you. So if you had a temper tantrum when you had to get up in the morning you will likely be a horrible person in the morning as an adult.

Most children try to do earn their parents’ praise and recognition through their actions. As adults, we can sometimes repeat this behaviour, for example, when we do something just to avoid an argument. Manipulation can be a childhood trait and this dating trait can also be evident in relationships.

Being the adult in the relationship has nothing to do with age, it is the adult ego state which is the referee, between the parental and childish voices inside us. While we never quite loose the child or the parent ego state we tend to mature and communicate like a grown-up adult ego state.

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