Be groomed for a date on Older Dating Online

Be groomed for a date on Older Dating Online

If you’re meeting another forty plus dater after communicating on Older Dating Online, with all the other pressures and distraction on our time you have managed to attract another online dater enough for them to agree to meet you. Sometimes this is a lot easier said than done as generally forty plus daters have their own reservations to deal with too.

So with all that in the back of your mind and the possibility of meeting a dater who may become an important  part of your life, then you can’t afford to take this first meet up too lightly, this is your chance to make an impression. A real life meeting is an important milestone when you are dating online. So lets go through some dating tips and hints which should be second nature anyway but you would be surprised how many are just not.

From the second you say hello, there are many obstacles standing in the way of you having a second date.  Obviously this is a two way street so it is important that both daters make an effort. Most of the issues may be outside your control, it is a fact that not everyone is going to like us and we are not going to hit it off with everyone we meet either. That’s why it’s important that you control the things you can. Ensure that you are groomed and smell nice.  If you are not groomed and have not taken the trouble to do your best to look good then it will be an immediate turn off for most forty plus daters. Frankly if you can’t be bothered to up your grooming routine then don’t bother making arrangements to go on a real life date.

It might seem obviously but lets state it anyway, shower and wash your hair, this is not optional , have a good hair cut and even go for a blowdry. This will get rid of any frizz and it will make you feel top notch and create an immediate good impression.

Besides your outfit your skin is important so applying a touch of moisturizer is a good idea to as it will give a nice glow and get rid of any dry patches. Make sure that where you should have shaved you have done so and that applies to both men and women forty plus daters.  Please ladies pay attention to your make up and maybe even get some advice from a professional if you need to as this will be a long lasting investment and will last much longer than a first date. Ensure your nails are clean and in shape whether that is short polished or just buffed. Hands are important as no one wants to think that dirty and unkept hands are going to be touching you as they are an intimate part of any date.  Making sure you’ve done away with anything your date could find offensive, so give your nails a clip and get rid of any dirt that is lodged under them. Use a fragrance and antiperspirant and ensure that your teeth are well brushed and use a mouthwash. If you want to get close to your forty plus date you have to make sure you smell nice. A great forty plus date is a joy and exciting so the extra effort can make all the difference when you are online dating.


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