Do you care what daters say to you on Older Dating Online?

Do you care what daters say to you on Older Dating Online ?

With all the pressure that we experience with social media and online do you take to heart what people say to you, whether good or bad ?

I was recently involved in a scam situation which was thankfully prevented by my very good and protective bank. With much of our life wrapped up in technology we can be duped into believing that we are communicating with someone we know but they are in fact a total stranger. They say that everyday is school day and I now realise how true that is.  This scammer was not involved in a romance scam or on a dating site and I have felt very secure with my dating profile on Older Dating Online.

I am not s foolish person and normally very careful about telephone calls and messages that are strange but this scammer posed as my daughter who had supposedly broken her phone and was messaging from a new and unknow number.

Yes looking back now I can see all the sneaky plans and the emotional blackmail that the scammer was using. Scammers always appeal to your better nature. That is the whole point you have a better nature!

Thankfully the scam was prevented and I am more aware than ever about how these heartless people operate.

I am also less concerned about what singles say about me online, whether it is critical or complimentary. I am a lot less concerned about about people opinions and I am just happy being me. as long as I am happy with myself that then is all that matters.

So, if you receive comments about your dating profile, it is a wise and confident person that can just ignore comments if someone is being rude but I believe that ignoring that person is the best way to go as the horrible person is waiting for your response because then they know that they have touched a nerve. Ignore then and it ends the contact and teaches them that you are not bothered by their comment.

I have learnt that silence is a great weapon and annoys the sender as you are not being drawn into a tit for tat communication. It can be difficult to have self confidence when you have just gone through a break-up or if you have been let down by someone who thought was on your side and had your best interests at heart. However, it is important to take time and and take pressure of yourself. Think before you act and do not be pressured by demands to hurry and rush to carry out actions that you later regret. Stop think and consider all the actions. If you feel that you are being pressured or feel uneasy about what you are being asked to do, do not proceed and do not take the comments to heart.

In this day and age of online and technology our details can be in places that we do not even realise so be aware of the information that you are putting online. A legitimate company like Older Dating Online  will never ask you for personal information and therefore I have no concerns about joining Older Dating Online    

I also ensure that I build up my own self confidence and that ensure I am less concerned about what other people say about me and stop an think about things logically. This will mean that I am not so vulnerable and open to being abused. It allows me to keep my boundaries up. Take time and do not be hasty when you are making decisions.

Meeting forty plus singles on Older Dating Online is easy and convenient and staying on the site when you are messaging means that you will have greater security. Do not be tempted to contact singles of the site

&Dating online on Older Dating Online   should be fun and enjoyable not stressful and filled with regrets, so even if you feel that you are in love and have met the person you are searching for take things slower and take time to get to know them better and trust them more. Taking your time is part of the dating process, it should be a marathon not a sprint.

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