Dating or relationship on Older Dating Online

Dating or relationship on Older Dating Online

There is a difference to dating online and being in a relationship. If you are just dating there is nothing to stop you from meeting and enjoying other forty plus companionship online. If you are in a mutually committed relationship then that is a completely different agreement altogether and this is something that you would both have discussed and agreed to, it is not a maybe if only state of affairs.

If you are just dating then there is no reason to behave as if you are in an exclusive relationship, because you are not exclusive or committed.

If the forty plus dater you are seeing does not want you to see other people, then he should offer you a commitment and a title, such girl friend or boy friend or partner, as this will make it clear where you both are in the relationship. This also means that if you have just met and are just dating then there is no obligation on either party for intimacy. If you have just met and the forty plus dater expects sex at the onset then they are not giving you the respect that you deserve.

If the person that you are seeing has not asked you to be in a relationship, then they are not exclusive to you … and they are single and so are you.

If you have been dating for months and you ask where the relationship is going and the answer you get is `I like it the way that it is ‘ then you need to realise that you have invested time and emotion into a dating relationship that is never going to lead to a commitment.

You have the choice then to break it off or realise that you will continue to make an investment that will never be committed.

You are stuck either sticking with a dater who does not want to commit, or maybe trying to convince them to change their mind which is pointless, or starting over from scratch after months invested and no commitment to show for it. That is a waste of your time and energy if it’s a long term commitment you desire. Remember no-one does something that they don’t want to do. Dating is not a relationship status but an activity.. a joyful activity.

Your goal while doing this activity is to have fun and evaluate the forty plus dater  you are dating, in other words making a forty plus friend to establish if there is something more . That’s it.

After you have spent a few months seeing their ups and downs, and it works out then discuss a relationship.

When you meet a forty plus dater , even if you like  them, you are not exclusive and committed.. Keep going out, keep flirting, keep meeting other forty plus daters online , and keep going on dates with anyone you find interesting and/or attractive. It is about meeting forty plus companionship and having fun.


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