Don’t play games when online dating. You are not fooling anyone on Older Dating Online

Don’t play games when online dating. You are not fooling anyone on Older Dating Online 

Don’t be a smart arse and think that your game playing will go unnoticed. You might think that bragging about your no nonsense attitude and your athletic body will ensure that you have every forty plus dater on Older Dating Online falling for you but it could be you that is heading for a fall.

Most forty plus daters have built up some wisdom and have probably heard most of the lines before so don’t talk your way out of a possible forty plus relationship by being a game player. Most forty plus daters can tell smooth players and will just move on to someone else.

You might feel the need to brag about all your admirers, and alluding to the ex partner who is still not over you, but instead of making your date think that you are the catch of the century, they are more likely to feel that they are welcome to you and end the date early.

Is there enough room in the relationship for anyone else as it seems pretty crowded as your ego takes up a lot of space. They might even be put off with your complicated self love and wonder what you are doing dating online in the first place with all the options that you have.

Having more than one love interest at a time can cause heartache as you will not be able to invest in the possible relationship and your dates will feel cheated and hurt and when they find out they will drop you like a hot potato even if they did like you to begin with.

If you meet two potential forty plus daters come along at once, and you are tempted to keep them both hanging on you need to ask yourself why you feel the need to do this. Perhaps neither forty plus dater  is right for you, in which case you’re better off staying single until someone you really like comes along.

Taking your time to answer messages and texts is so rude and is basically just playing games. It doesn’t fool anyone. Most people are close to their phone and email now so taking time to get back is just playing games that are not only rude but annoying and other daters will write you off.

If your forty plus date seems more interested in talking to someone else at the party then let it go. Jealous behaviour is not a way to show your date how much you like them but simply marks you out as insecure or possessive instead. It also means that you lose your dignity and self respect. If you are not enough for that person then it would seem pointless being in the relationship.

If you genuinely feel they don’t like you enough then maybe this isn’t the right person for you.

We all love being chased but coming on too strong can make you seem desperate or persistent. No-one wants to be smothered either! Having a date who is too clingy can make a person feel scared and may cause them to run in the opposite direction. Laying on the charm too quickly may make your date question your motives.

On the other hand if someone doesn’t seem interested, leave them alone and let them realise how wonderful you are by missing you and if they don’t then move on to more receptive forty plus daters on Older Dating Online.


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