Don’t be rude on Older Dating Online

Don’t be rude on Older Dating Online 

As a member on Older Dating Online I have received the odd rude and very personal message.  It seems that if people are communicating online it can seem that if you are communicating online they loose sight of the fact that a real person is going to receive that message. Many public figures get trolls who are rude and nasty. Marcus Rashford received many nasty comments when he missed the penalty kick and the football game was lost, despite all the great things he has done getting kids free school lunches.

Remember that you are always communicating with a person, even if it is online. If you are trying to encouraging a forty plus dater to meet you for a first date, it is not a good idea to be rude and overly personal. You do not know the person you are communicating with so being overly suggestive and personal is not an attractive quality and it certainly doesn’t encourage me to agree to meet you. If you are rude and over familiar, and we haven’t even met then I don’t hold out much hope for a relationship that is respectful.

Manners are important and respect is very important when you are communicating online on Older Dating Online as you are basically communicating with a stranger so be cautious about your messages and kindness should be the order of the day.

It is not appropriate to send overly sexual and suggestive messages. If you would not say it to a stranger in a lift then do not send it to a stranger on an online dating site.

Many forty plus daters on Older Dating Online have experienced other relationship disasters so if you start sending overly familiar and rude messages they are not going to appreciate them. They have been through a rubbish relationship that was disrespectful and unhappy are not going to settle for another dater who doesn’t know how to behave and have some manners when they are in a dating relationship.

Remember your manners even when you are online and not facing the forty plus dater across the table and face to face.

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