Emotional closeness on Older Dating Online

Emotional closeness on Older Dating Online

Intimacy is defined as a close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship with another person or group and can usually be thought to be physical. However emotional intimacy takes things to a much deeper level,, bringing that very personal intimacy closer where two forty plus daters can share feelings, thoughts, troubles and opinions openly without feeling judged or dismissed. True trust on a very emotional and nonjudgemental level.

There’s no doubt that feeling a sense of shared emotion is important for both mental and physical health, in a forty plus relationship, but as well as helping to strengthen a long term forty plus relationship,  emotional intimacy enables it to last the test of time and the ups and downs of life in general.

Knowing the difference between emotional and physical intimacy is important,  as often when we think or hear about intimacy we think about a sexual experience.

Some forty plus couples may enjoy a fantastic sex life; however, when it comes to sharing feelings and emotions they cannot work as a team and cannot communicate openly with one another. Those couples that do manage to master the emotional side to intimacy tend to find that sexual intimacy is also enhanced and as a result feel closer and better connected.

Identifying your own emotions as this is the first step to connecting with your partners emotions . We need to take the time to think about our feelings or the difficulties we have in expressing them; but by doing so, you are helping to better your relationships with others.

For example, if you are aware that you become very emotional or have a pet hate that triggers a negative emotion for you every time, then discuss these things with your forty plus partner so that they are aware and can develop a way to help you deal with those emotions when they arise. This takes courage as admitting weakness can be difficult as there is always the possibility that it can be used against you. This requires trust in your partner and self confidence.

Honest and open communication is essential in every forty plus relationship. This doesn’t have to be serious or in-depth conversations, but regular, informal chats about how you are both feeling in the relationship, and anything that’s concerning you both are important

Also, don’t think you have to only discuss difficult things; happy times and experiences should be shared just as much as any worries or doubts that you both may have about your forty plus dating experiences.

Arguments are entirely natural, but while some can be beneficial and clear the air some  others can be hurtful and leave you feeling distressed and angry. The point is to accept your differing viewpoints making sure that you both get everything out in the open, rather than bottling emotions up inside.

Try to stay as calm as possible, and don’t say things you will regret later and don’t hold onto grudges and don’t keep rehashing the same issues.

This will only lead to problems further down the line. None of this is easy and takes maturity patience and compromise but if a forty plus relationship is worth continuing then it is worth the effort .

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