Feeling challenged by life during this time meet positive daters on Older Dating Online

Feeling challenged by life during this time meet positive daters on Older Dating Online

I think we have all felt challenged during the last year so remaining positive can depend on the company you keep. Maintaining active and positive relationships is important to mental health, so meet other intelligent and positive forty plus singles, on Older Dating Online, can lift your mood and help with your mental health.

Trusting the word of God and having a strong faith can also help. Many forty plus singles find comfort and help with their low mood by lifting their spirits and building their faith.

Verse:   Psalm 32:8

I will instruct you and teach you the way you should go; I will give you counsel and I will watch over you.’ What a wonderful promise and such a comfort if you are feeling unsure about the path that your life is taking.

The Lord is always ready to lead and guide us, if we trust and acknowledge him. When we don’t know which way to turn, His hand will show us the right path. His great wisdom and infinite knowledge is at our disposal, by trusting Him and reading His word in the bible.
He will instruct you, He will show you, and He will watch over and care for you. I have felt the Lord’s protection and provision over this difficult period and meeting forty plus singles on Older Dating Online is a good way of not only meeting other positive singles but a great way of sharing your faith too.

PRAYER: Lord, thank You for Your ever-present hand in and on my life. I never need to walk alone because You are always by my side and You give me the wisdom and hope I need as You watch over me. Amen.


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