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The key to happiness as a forty plus dater can be making friends and being social and with other forty plus people who start to matter in your life. Meeting those people is easier online.

As we are social beings and we depend on social contact for much of our self-confidence and pleasure meeting those people online is a successful way of increasing our social life-style and our forty plus happiness.

Surprisingly a key to our happiness is the happiness of the forty plus people who surround us and to whom we relate to on a daily basis.

Giving to others can be a powerful way to increase their happiness and ours. We’re social creatures and need a sense of purpose and connection to others. Single people who volunteer are both happier and healthier.

Maybe  part of the joy of getting older and enjoying your forty plus years is being able to use the skills developed in the first half of your life to help other people in the second half of your life.

There’s peace to be found in your life. Being part of and contributing to something bigger than ourselves adds meaning to everyone’s lives. Online dating and creating a dating profile to meet singles who love being active and social and who also believe in giving back to the community and being social.

Thankfully we become more resilient when we are forty plus and a major part of this is the way that we have learnt how to cope with life’s challenges the older we get If health problems have taken their toll, focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t do, as a forty plus dater.

Humans are naturally wired to look for negatives and risk, but we can boost our happiness by taking time to appreciate the world around us.

Write down three good things that have happened each day. It might be something as simple as seeing a robin in the garden. This will train you to look for the positives and this positive grateful attitude eventually become automatic. We can still develop our brains  to be positive when we are forty  plus.

Some scientists have even found that a sense of well-being, the opportunity to meet  singles and a sense of purpose to each day increases our life expectancy. Research has shown that happiness is associated with better physical health and a stronger immune system, so being active and eating well are all positive life-style practices that forty plus daters should consider.

Sarah Hussey xx.

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