Forty plus daters face new challenges so meet a companion on Older Dating Online

Forty plus daters face new challenges so meet a companion on Older Dating Online 

The last few years have been a challenge but despite that many forty plus daters have decided that they to change their lifestyle. Whether that is a new job, which is mine challenge or a different interest and responsibility, like training to become a Magistrate. Again, something that I am considering.

I believe that the Lord brings new interests and challenges into our lives to ensure that we lean on Him and trust Him in a deeper and more meaningful way.

I have learnt to listen and consider more than talk and judge over the last few years and being single and living on my own has forced me to remain silent and listen and consider things a lot more than I used too. Working from home also means that I spend more time on my own so listening to the still small voice of the Lord rather than the continual noise of ringing phones and the noise of office talk has heightened my senses so that I can pick up nuances and lower noises more and it has also meant that I have become more introspective and perceptive to changes in atmosphere.

Verse:   Psalm 139:5

‘You go before me and follow me. You place Your hand of blessing on my head.’

– You are surrounded by the eternal arms of the living God.
Of course, dating online has intrigued me for many years and being a member on Older Dating Online and reading the profiles and diary posts is fascinating as you get to see all personalities and appreciate how forty plus daters on Older Dating Online pass the time and their interests. Forty plus people are fascinating as they have such a rich history and such broad interests so dating on Older Dating Online is always and interesting and enriching experience. There are some very intelligent people on Older Dating Online with a wealth of knowledge to communicate, so if you are looking for friendship or romance but of these are available and easy to access just by creating a dating profile and signing up to enjoy the fun and stimulating companionship. Broaden your horizons and accept the challenge that life is showing you and create your profile and join Older Dating Online

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