Getting to the bottom of your libido on Older Dating Online

Getting to the bottom of your libido on Older Dating Online

If abnormally low libido is causing concern, it’s time to identify some potential causes. But keep in mind that different factors may affect different forty plus daters differently.

Underlying medical and psychological issues can lower libido to the point of non-existence. Medical conditions and the worry over those conditions, can understandably sap a forty plus daters desire for sex, even if you are looking for dates on .Older Dating Online

Depression and mental illness is a common cause of sexual dysfunction, and the treatment of depression doesn’t help matters as anti depressants can affect your libido by lowering sexual arousal. Stress can have a marked affect on libido and many forty plus daters find first dates stressful. Also not having had sex for a long time can affect your sexual drive as does poor self esteem.

We blame hormones for everything from craving chocolate to mood swings. In women, low androgen levels can mean sex drive, but it’s not clear which one is the cause and which one is the effect.

Testosterone, may also play a role in sexual desire, and low testosterone will be the cause of low libido in men .

If your relationship is not good then , your libido and your partners desire will be affected . A whole range of relationship difficulties can contribute to low libido, such as   poor communication, anger, hurt feelings, or even boredom are common culprits. Infidelity is a big desire killer as if the trust isn’t there, neither is the desire.

Many forty plus daters suffer from fatigue and this means that they just don’t have the energy to be sexy or desire sex.

When it comes to sex, do you feel like a little kid with your hand in the sweetie jar ? This can be as big a problem as low libido. Compulsive sexual behavior, or sexual addiction can lead to infidelity in a relationship which in turn leads to relationship breakdowns. If sex is priority number one it can lead to issues in your life balance.

Low self-esteem, unresolved shame, and other entrenched feelings can increase sex drive as well in unhealthy ways.

A person with the disorder has excessive, intense thoughts and behaviors surrounding sex that lead to personal distress or intrusion on other areas of life. Fantasizing about your cute co-worker is pretty normal but if you are spending your life on porn sites and webcam then that is not a good basis for your forty plus lifestyle.

Throw away all of your ideas of  what a normal sex drive is as it is different for everyone and highly personal! Libido only becomes a problem when it’s causing you distress, affecting your day-to-day life, or hurting your relationship with your forty plus partner.

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