January is arguably the worst month of the year to be single. Older Dating Online to meet single daters

Not only is the period between Christmas and New Year notorious for forty plus relationship break-ups, but even if you are not going through a break-up January can be particularly tough month. You’ve just survived a Christmas that might have left you financially depleted and feeling angry that you have bought expensive presents and now you are breaking up as a couple.  Meeting a forty plus date online can lift your spirits.

When you’ve been surrounded by family and friends, it’s hard not to dwell on your break-up and your new single status especially if everyone around you is coupled up and is shocked by the break-up and constantly asking about your single forty plus life.

The weather is probably not helping your mood and if you are suddenly a forty plus single in January it can be difficult. However it may help to remember that January can be a difficult month for many people not just the newly single. The cold and dark make everyone feel terrible and like they want to hibernate. Money is tight and everyone feels that their clothes are tighter than they would like. Try to make the most of the month and your single social life and view it as a chance for new beginnings to a brighter future.

Remember that forty plus singles have far more time to spend on themselves than those in relationships so use it wisely; take a new class, join a gym, or buy that stack of books you’ve always wanted to read. Join online dating to meet new forty plus singles to enhance you social scene and become socially active even if it is cold. Visits to theatres and museums can be enriching and fun.

It’s also important to remember that you’re not the only one in this situation. Hundreds of thousands of other people out there are single too and feeling the exact same way you are. Get online, start chatting to new forty plus daters and arrange new dates. What have you got to lose? Get out there, creating opportunities to meet new dating people.

Sarah Hussey  xx

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