Keep everything in the correct place with Older Dating Online

Keep everything in the correct place with Older Dating Online

Are you a neat single who likes a place for everything and everything in that place? Are you likely to have to hunt for your keys when you need them or do you know exactly where they should be?

Do you get excessively angry when someone else hasn’t put them back exactly where they belong? Or are you quite relaxed about the misplacement ? A persons’s sense of order says a lot about who they are and reveals something about their priorities.

Personality traits often influence how conscientious someone is about details and organisation, if you are on the slightly messy scale then a single dater who is very pedantic will be very annoying to you.

For some types, order dwells on the periphery of their lives, whereas others see keeping things meticulously sorted out as vital to their identity. Let’s take a moment to explore how Protagonists  tend to relate to order.

As with anything in life, your level of organisation may present some challenges and opportunities.  You are more likely to book a weekend away on the spur of the moment and you are happy packing the night before a trip away. This last minute excitement in your life and is part of what makes you feel invigorated.This sense of flying by the seat of your pants is what makes you feel alive and helps you to plan for things, believe it or not.

A typical Protagonist characteristics are listed below so that you can work out if you are dating a protagonist on Older Dating Online 

Our research shows that Protagonists are more likely than most other types to:

Have good time management skills.

They usually achieve their goals, even if it is looking unlikely at the start of the exercise.
Feel overwhelmed by many little things that need to be done, this is because they are concentrating on the things that they feel are more important at the time, so the petty details may not seem important to them.

They sometimes lose track of time when working, sometimes even forgetting to eat or drink as they are so excited about getting to the main objective. This means that they are not the one with the neatest desk  or spend what they consider to be valuable time getting the spacing right on a document and they feel that the end result is the most important.

Protagonists’ energy and enthusiasm may seem like they are committed to order and precision, but they will be concentrating on the end result result and cannot be distracted from that goal.

While Protagonists excel at bringing abstract ideas into reality and inspiring other people to do the same, they tend to care less about practical, everyday details, often lacking that kind of order. If someone with this personality type is about to achieve a goal they have been working towards, other things can wait. They tend to be very focused on their objective.

Protagonists may be more interested in simply minimising distractions in their environment so that they are free to pursue something interesting, as opposed to seeking order for the sake of order. The saying don’t sweat the petty stuff was coined by a protagonist. The smaller less important details are less important that achieving your main goal, the finer details can be left to someone else to deal with. Taking care of the practical details may not always be the main focus as a protagonist will be more interested in their agenda and this can be very annoying to someone who is pedantic and a stickler for the details of life.

However, just because your attention is focused on the broader picture you appreciate organisation to carry out your ideals. If you are a single protagonist who meets a highly organised dater on Older Dating Online you will both need to be patient with each other.

Balancing both of your personalities could bring happiness and order and excitement to both of your quality of life. While it is good idea to grow together, neither partner must feel that they are right and the other is wrong. There are strengths in every personality and the best can be achieved if both parties grow together rather than one trying to over shadow the other.

To grow together you may need to learn organisational life hacks. Take small steps and allow the hacks to become habits. As your habits become more automatic, they will take less thought or attention away from the things you’d prefer to focus on.

Allow yourself the luxury of being selectively disorganised when you’re busy with other things. Accepting it with good humor can take some of the guilt away.

Nobody can be perfect in all of life’s skills. For Protagonists, staying organised can allow them the space to do the things they prefer to do and do best. Should that not work, learning to live with a reasonable amount of disorder may be helpful. This means that you need to meet a dating partner who can accept a little chaos and adventure in their life to allow you to be the free thinking spirit that you are. They will come to realise that everything will get done in your own time and that if they allow you time and space for you to meet the goals that you have set and the adventure that will come from your actions when they materialise.

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