Licking the lid of life on Older Dating Online

Licking the lid of life on Older Dating Online 

Do you lick the lid of life? Every time I open a new yoghurt pot I enjoy licking the lid where all the creamy yoghurt sticks to the underside of the lid.

It might sound silly and i know people who just toss it in the bin un-licked, but as with the rest of life I think it is important to take every opportunity to get enjoyment and joy out of life. that goes for online dating too so joining Older Dating Online is a chance to squeeze even more enjoyment into your life by meeting other forty plus singles online for romantic dates or forty plus companionship.

Having the attitude that you are going to enjoy life and gain every life affirming experience that you can, will ensure that you have a smile on your face rather than a grimace.

The smell of coffee that is freshly made for you and the embrace of someone that you love are so important to your mental health and makes you more resilient to illness and all of these little things add up to ensure that the more serious and critical things in life do not affect you as badly as they would do if you didn’t have a life filled with small joyful occurrences.

Forty plus single gardeners will be joyful at the sight of the new buds that are bursting through on their treasured plants in the spring sunshine. I know it is still really cold in the morning but having my coffee while sitting in my small garden as I greet the early morning set me up for the day. l look at the new growth just starting to show itself makes me realise that need beginning in other parts of my single life are possible. A new relationship, the growth of a loving partnership and feeling a hand holding mine or a hand on the small of my back as I am guided through a doorway make my heart swell with the joy of hope.

We all need those small things to swell our heart with the joy of hope in these times when everything seems to be filled with stressful bad news and alarm. Take joy in the small things like a new partnership and a loved ones smile as they look at you with love and affection.  Lick the lid of life in whatever why you can and enjoy the company of other forty plus daters who are also licking the lid of life on Older Dating Online.

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