Make sure that you have a second date on Older Dating Online

Make sure that you have a second date on Older Dating Online

Sometimes in a dating relationship, broaching a tricky or sensitive subject or topic can be difficult. Many may feel that saying nothing at all is easy, but avoiding the subject doesn’t do anyone any good.and can lead to problems further into the relationship.

So how do you have awkward and difficult discussions without them turning into full-blown fights.

Sometimes, you go on a date with a promising dater from Older Dating Online , but uncontrollable factors means that it ends up badly and the relationship goes nowhere. Maybe it’s the fact that you picked an unsuitable restaurant, or you were just feeling under the weather or had a hard work day.

If you didn’t immediately get on then you might not arrange another date, however if you feel there is hope of a relationship the here are some tips to get a second date.

Firstly assess where the date went wrong. That way you have something to work with and a possible way out of it. Take some time to think about it and weigh up the possibilities of making a new and fresh start without the mistakes of the first date. If you really have no idea what went wrong it will never hurt to be honest and ask. Say that you enjoyed the date and that you would really enjoy the chance to meet up again . Make the communication polite and concise. If necessary deliver and apology  that is short and sweet before moving on to something complimentary. While this will demonstrate your thoughtfulness, it doesn’t mean you have to grovel too much. No one likes the smell of desperation, and you certainly don’t want to be in the position of begging someone to go out with you.

If the first date was pretty cringe-worthy, your follow-up message is going to be slightly awkward no matter what but if you keep it light and humorous saying something like I promise not to spill my drink on you again. I realise sudden movements are not my strong point.. Use the message as an opportunity to be a little goofy. Making light of the situation is a good way to defuse the tension and also show them that you don’t take yourself too seriously and have a sense of humor.

Suggest a different kind of date to change the atmosphere and see if that improves the dating arrangement  and makes the second date easier and more successful. Meet daters on Older Dating Online Make it very clear from your communication that you are not putting on any pressure and  that you are respectful of your date’s boundaries, even if you don’t love the final outcome.

If you tell your date about your nervousness, at least they won’t have to wonder why you were so quiet and awkward all night. Speaking up might even put you at ease.and could change their mind about meeting for a second date.

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