Make the most of every year on Older Dating Online

Make the most of every year on Older Dating Online June 2019

When we are wrapped up in the busy periods of your life it is easy to let the days and weeks slip passed without even noticing them.

It’s all too easy to let years slip by without anything memorable happening and when you start online dating and it is taking awhile to meet forty plus daters who are suitable you can feel like nothing exciting or interesting is happening in your life.

Make this summer the time when you set yourself some personal challenges so you have a positive attitude and that you appear to be interesting and energised when you meet other forty plus daters.

Doing something for others will make you feel valued and give you a feel good factor. There are hundreds of different ways that you can get involved in a charity. Choose a charity that has personal meaning for you so that it makes you feel great when you support them.

Set yourself a physical challenge whether it is learning dancing or running five miles doing something physical and getting out will make you feel energised. No matter what your age or health it is possible to find a physical challenge that is realistic and attainable and it will make you feel great about yourself if you achieve it. Taking a walk every day, learning to  meditate or kickboxing or taking a Zumba class, will take you out of your normal comfort zone and requires you to learn to do something new with your body. We all spend so much time in our heads that we can forget that our body needs stimulation too, so getting in the garden and doing some lifting and serious digging will make all the difference and if you also have to learn what plant goes where that will challenge your mind too, which is always good when you are forty plus.

Do something that requires effort thought and concentration. This could be learning a new language. The brain is a muscle and it will get stronger and more agile the more it is challenged and made to work harder. If you enjoy craft and sewing take a course that teaches a new skill.

Mastering a new skill like learning a language, when you are forty plus, will not only make you feel good about yourself but you will feel the benefit of it in other areas of your life as your thinking becomes quicker and clearer and it makes you a more interesting forty plus dater.

Do you know how to ask for what you want? If not maybe your challenge could be learning to be more emotionally honest in all your forty plus dating relationships. A lot of the time we do things that we feel we should rather than because we want to. We may be so busy trying to make other people happy that we forget about our own happiness and emotional forty plus dating needs online.

Many forty plus dater find it much easier to be honest about their positive feelings but struggle  to express the more negative feelings when they are hurt or disappointed. Forty plus dater who have this struggle often swallow their feelings of hurt and anger and then when it all becomes too much they explode or become withdrawn and depressed.. Be brave enough to express your feelings, as you will find this is empowering.

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