What makes a great online dater? Try it out on Older Dating Online

When it comes to dating and relationships, everyone has their own way of doing things. Being open minded is a big plus. Realising that everyone is different and have their own needs and goals and not everyone thinks the same way you do, so tolerance and having a broader outlook on life is important. Meet forty plus daters on Older Dating Online.

That includes realising that you may have to date outside your age group or body type, preferring to see if anything happens with other daters rather than having fixed rules that limit your options.

Don’t be impatient allow a few getting to know you messages or phone calls before you rush into a meeting, especially now as we are struggling with the lock down and having to stay at home,so don’t stop online dating, just use it to communicate with other forty plus daters to get to know each other better and start to build a relationship.

Dating is becoming increasingly less formal, with zoom and face time meet ups which means that you are not spending money on dinner, parking, drinks and tips. It also means that if you don’t get on then you have not invested so much time and money and you can move on to someone who is more suitable to your desires and taste.

There is nothing to stop you from communicating with several online daters at any one time, but it is better to be honest, rather than keeping them all hanging on until you decide on one. Ideally it is better to be loyal to one person and cut off contact with others, even if they aren’t sure where it’s heading. This means that they are going to make much more of an effort to try and make it work, spending longer getting to know them. When you are communicating with a forty plus dater on the phone you get the chance to hear their voice and their accent so that when you do meet up you are already familiar with the way they speak and their voice and accent is familiar which brings you both closer.

Having a great sense of humour can break down the barriers on a date and put you both at ease. Seeing the funny side of many situations. It’s important that you can laugh at yourself especially now during such strange and unusual times caused by the Covid19 pandemic. With most people spending more time at home chatting to other single daters can be a difference between having a dull and perhaps fearful day to having a normal pleasant conversation with a dater who is interesting. A bit of cheeky banter can be the key to getting a second date.

It is still important to be polite when you are online dating, it can be even more important. So hiding behind a screen or at the other end of a phone line is not an excuse to be rude. Trolls are not tolerated online. Romance is important even when you are communicating virtually

I believe that romance is far from dead and very important now when we are all feeling so stressed in these uncertain times.

The daters who are willing to put the effort in and go the extra miles are going to have a much greater chance of sustaining a relationship. It’s all about small gestures often than making larger ones rarely. We all like little well thought out surprises and it is a lovely way to show your feelings and it doesn’t even have to be an expensive gift just thoughtful and meaningful.

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