Many forty-plus daters struggle with relationships. Older Dating Online makes it easier

Many forty plus daters struggle with relationships. Older Dating Online makes it easier

Many forty plus daters struggle with trust and confidence issues. These struggles could have been caused by past relationships, even as far back as their father. Perhaps they didn’t have a happy childhood and were forced to witness abuse and neglect.  Not everyone had a childhood that was desirable and ideal.

This can lead to issues in their present relationships and cause them to be tentative and overly cautious in trusting a dating partner.

Those of us who are Christians have found healing in their relationship with God as their Father and protector. There is nothing wrong with being careful when you are dating and in fact I think that is wise to be careful and not too trusting when you are online dating as many people have been scammed, but not being able to love and trust because of past hurts in relationships is a sad way to lead your life and can only lead to loneliness and isolation, so a middle of the road policy is probably the best option. I have met many really lovely single daters for good evenings out on Older Dating Online.

I trust my instincts and my inner guidance from my Lord as I know He is my loving Father and He care for me.

It is easier to meet people online on Older Dating Online and having the faith to step out in trust will set your mind at rest too.

Verse:   Deuteronomy 7:9

‘Know therefore that the LORD your God is God; He is the faithful God, keeping His covenant of love to … those who love Him.’

Certain facts can be our confidence and hope, when we have a relationship with the Lord we can be more confident as God is faithful and true. You can trust Him with every aspect of your life.  You can rest assured and be confident in His great love and faithfulness to you.

PRAYER: Lord, today I choose to know You as my God and as my Faithful Father. I rejoice because Your covenant of love towards me will never be removed from my life. Amen.
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