Moving your communication on Older Dating Online into a first date

If you are a mature forty plus single and feel it is time to meet for a first date, it can be difficult if you live some distance apart.

Planning on meeting the person that you have been communicating with for the first time in person can put some pressure on your relationship, especially if you live miles away from each other. A few days spent in a town meeting your date can be a big step to take but you need to view if as a short city break rather than a massive commitment to each other..Do not put the pressure on yourself for a huge commitment early on without allowing time to really get to know each other, if the relationship works out after meeting each other then you can start to get to know each other in a more face to face way.

The intensity of emotion that you can feel when you meet a single both online and also in person can be over whelming, however the relationship needs to mature and grow at a pace that is comfortable to each of you. There is no need to rush into making decisions and putting pressure on your relationship.

Knowing someone online does not mean you really know them. Older Dating Online puts you in touch in a safe and convenient manner but until you’ve spent a good amount of physical time together and seeing the way your date interacts with other people you cannot know how compatible you are, you cannot decide if  the person you have met is someone that you can share your life with.

Some things as trivial as manners, cleanliness and personal hygiene, how someone dresses or even how they treat animals, can actually be very big deal breakers for some people and you need time together to share real life with a person to establish how compatible you would be.

Time spent together in person with the person you have met will reveal all of this and more. The computer and the phone are wonderful tools, but they are not the real world when it comes to building a relationship and determining whether you have the same values – which is key for any relationship to last.  You have to be able to successfully integrate what you’ve developed online into both of your lives and this takes time.

Meeting dating companionship to begin forty plus friendship that could develop into a mature long-term relationship is safe and convenient so create your dating profile to get started.

Sarah Hussey xx

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