No need to be rude on Older Dating Online

Unfortunately you get rude people in all walks of life and being online seems to bring out the worst in some people as is born out by the abuse that some celebs experience. What I cannot understand is that when you are trying to get someone that you fancy on a dating site, like Older Dating Online, to contact you or reply that you feel that being rude is going to encourage them to take the leap to message you?

Surely when you are trying to get to know someone you put your best foot forward and at least try to hold back from being down right rude and nasty!

Maybe, it is just me that thinks if I am approachable and pleasant I will get more responses than if i am rude and suggestive, or is it a dare culture. Where the attitude is lets see if you respond to this awful message and I will see how far I can push the boundaries.

Having said that and had a rant i have had some really lovely messages too on Older Dating Online and fortunately they seem to far out weigh the creepy ones. I suppose the best thing to do is ignore the nasties and and realise that you get some strange nasty people in every walk of life, even in the supermarket queue.

When people are nasty online is it because they feel they can get away with it as they are faceless. Sorry to burst your bubble nasty person but you generally have a picture on your dating profile, so the target of your rude comments can see your face and you are not faceless. As a society we all need to realise that we are not going to sink to your level, we will just ignore you so you are wasting your time.

I enjoy being on Older Dating Online and it is a lovely way to meet kind considerate and lovely singles and shrugging off the odd one or two in society that are rude and nasty is a small price to pay and I laugh at the time you have wasted thinking and writing your garbage, just to be ignored. Ignoring you means that I have the higher ground and I am not wasting my precious time answering you. I am too busy answering all the nice messages that I have received and arranging dates with singles who are worth my time on Older Dating Online. So follow my example be happy with nice kind people by creating your profile on Older Dating Online and kick the rude nasty ones to the curb where they belong.

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