Olderdatingonline and eating right during lockdown

Olderdatingonline and eating right during lockdown

I think there is a term for the weight that many people have gained during the lockdown pandemic as we basically move from the sofa and the fridge.

The Covid stone is the term and it is very depressing when your jeans don’t meet in the middle. As being overweight has been termed a health risk when dealing with the Covid19 pandemic.

I recently experienced a health scare with a good ending. This scare made me realise that I need to improve my lifestyle and get rid of the lockdown extra weight that I like so many others have gained during this pandemic and eat more fresh vegetables.

While I studied and practiced measures to improve my health, I also enjoyed more energy and vitality overall and this has given me more self- confidence while dating on Older Dating Online.

As a result, I have now incorporated these health strategies into my regular lifestyle habits, usually daily or at least consistently each week. Changing the habits of a life- time is never easy but just like making the effort to meet other senior daters on Older Dating Online requires some effort so does improving yourself and making better lifestyle choices and reaping the rewards makes it all worthwhile.

These tips have improved the quality of my life, giving me a feeling of vibrancy. As a result of this increased enjoyment of my life. I feel and look better and made meeting other forty plus daters online enjoyable too.

Everyone’s body and health history is unique to them, as well as tolerances and sensitivities. Use common sense and your intuitive feelings to find out if a suggestion is right for you. You may also wish to do further research and consult your doctor or healthcare practitioner especially if you have pre-existing conditions that have to be monitored. At the minimum, you may get out of your rut and open your mind to alternatives that could enhance your life.

Some simple lifestyle changes can make big differences.

Drinking more water, without any additives, just pure water has made me feel lighter and healthier. No need to over do it, just add a couple of extra glasses a day, even if you don’t feel thirsty at the time. It goes to say stopping drinking fizzy sugary drinks and alcohol and drinking plain water instead will make a big difference to your weight and your health.

Eating more fruits and vegetables and less fat and sugar will make you feel like a winner. Eating less meat and processed food will help with blood pressure and weight gain. Don’t eat white bread, cakes and pies and you will have less bloating and be more regular if you know what I mean. All these tips will make you feel lighter and give you more energy and give you a glowing skin and a happy healthy smile for your Older Dating Online experiences.

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