Saying No on Older Dating Online

Saying No on Older Dating Online

If you are being asked to do something that you are not comfortable with while on a date it can feel awkward for a woman as we have always been conditioned to say yes. Well the times have changed. Stand up for yourself, even if you are a forty plus dater who has been brought up in a different era. Stop just being polite. Ensure your boundaries are up and rock solid. You have the right to say no!

Men tend to be more dominant, especially if you are a forty plus dater and have been raised to be more pleasant and compliant.

I have received messages that have criticised me for not replying to a message. I do not have to reply. Many messages that I send do not get a reply, so deal with it. We all have busy lives and if you do not get a response then shrug it off, like an adult. It is not personal I don’t know you and you do not know me, we are online. Not having someone like you or answer your message is not a personal snub, it is just part and parcel of online dating on Older Dating Online, not everyone will answer and having the self-confidence to realise that you are not friends online, if fact until you actually meet several times you do not know the other dater at all.

The same applies that when you are on a date if you are not comfortable with the way things are going then expecting to be respected is your right. The right to say No is your right to take. Just because you are online dating you do not need to accept disrespect and domination. Keep yourself safe and maintain your personal boundaries and if you are not respected and listened to then don’t meet them again. Move on to other Older Daters on Older Dating Online who are nicer people and do not have a domineering agenda.

So if there’s any aspect of that person that’s not bringing you joy, that’s enough to say no. You do not owe them anything.

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