Starting your Older Dating Online profile but what to write?

When you are creating your online dating profile a nice smiley picture is a must as most forty plus daters will be keen to see what you look like and wonder what you are hiding if you haven’t got a picture . So make sure you have a good recent picture as it is an absolute must have for your profile.   There is no use putting up  a picture that was taken on your holiday to Florida that was taken eight years ago because it is a picture you love but be realistic you don’t look like that now and the reality is that you are lying. You want to find someone who will appreciate you for who you are now.

In order to attract like-minded people with similar interests use your profile to describe the things you love as this will show that you have a passion and zest for life and that you are an active fun loving forty plus single. However don’t go too overboard, you want to keep a little mystery and intrigue and have things to talk about when you do have a first date. Two or three paragraphs should be enough to arouse interest but not tell your life history. Your relationship history and baggage should also be kept off your dating profile; those are things to be spoken about later on in the relationship.

Be a positive forty plus daters so that daters who are reading your profile are left with a feeling of excitement at the thought of dating you. Filling your dating profile with a list of things you hate will make you look like a very grumpy pessimistic forty plus dater to any potential dates and may put people off.

You may really love candlelit dinners and walks on the beach, but so do hundreds of others. Try and be a little more creative and imaginative when describing yourself and your passions to set yourself apart in the sea of internet daters.

When filling out your online dating profile, it’s easy to be tempted to tell little fibs about certain aspects of yourself if you think you’ll appear more desirable. However avoid this at all costs as you will be caught out and you could end up alienating a forty plus date who could have appreciated the real you.. If you put on your profile that you’re not a smoker and you turn up to your date smelling of cigarettes because a few minutes ago you were desperately puffing on one in the parking area, they are likely to wonder what else you have lied about on your dating profile. If you’re honest and forthright on your dating profile, you will still find people who want to meet you.

Sarah Hussey xx


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