Do you treat yourself on Older Dating Online=

Do you treat yourself on Older Dating Online?

As a forty plus single it seems pointless to wait for someone to buy me a treat so I buy my own. I have just come back from having lunch with a girlfriend and we also walked around a garden centre and bought a few item that took our fancy. Our little treat for ourselves.

I bought some magazines and a new house plant that I fancied and I also bought my little dog some doggie treats. I felt good about treating myself to some inexpensive little bits and pieces. A lovely bank holiday with a friend and some happy laughter. It is important to make yourself feel special by treating yourself to something simple and enjoyable occasionally. Go ahead it will lift your spirits. it will make you feel happy and make you smile broader when you are on Older Dating Online, after all your really do not want to look miserable in your dating profile.

Some of the pictures that I have seen on dating sites make me wonder if the singles have ever smiled as their down turned mouths are so etched into position that it would take a great deal to turn that grimace into a smile. When you are posting a picture take a look at the picture and ask yourself if that would be a face that would in courage someone to contact you.  Be honest and take a long hard look at the picture that is on your site.

I have received some critical comments about my editorial on Older Dating Online as some singles feel that I come across as bossy! Maybe they have a point. I have taken their point and reread my editorial and have changed a few bits and pieces but I will say that my pictures are all smiling and happy looking. It is important to portray yourself as positive and upbeat as someone looking to date you as not going to want to date a miserable forty plus single on Older Dating Online. a dating site is very much like and interview so you need to be the best person that you can manage to be. Not perfect but the best that you are able to be, without being false. I am probably bossy and I also have my own opinions, but I am usually smiling, so that i come across as happy and approachable, which is what attracts forty plus single daters.

So, consider the pictures that you are posting on your profile and ask yourself if you would be attracted to that frowning down turned expression. don’t forget no-one knows you or has spoken to you yet so smile for the camera on Older Dating Online 


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