Turning a negative into a positive on Older Dating Online

Turning a negative into a positive on Older Dating Online 

We all know that person who makes a negative comment that can be really wounding and is thoughtless.

Have you ever had someone say to you `you are looking tired’ That comment makes you wonder is it the bags under my eyes or the dark circles that give me away.

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Before you say something stop and consider what your comment is going to do! Is it uplifting and life affirming. It might be a comment that is said with concern rather than meaning to be negative but it can mean that the recipient of that comment is not left with a feeling of kindness, they are instead left wondering that they are not looking their best. some comments are best left unsaid and if you must make a comment then rather use the opportunity to say something positive like a compliment on what the recipient is wearing or how good their hair is looking or even the old standby a comment on the sunny day or a general comment on the weather.

If someone tells me that I am looking tired, I often feel deflated and that makes me feel even more tired than I originally was. if someone is really tired believe me they know it and they don’t need reminding of the fact, as that will make their shoulders slump and any effort they have made to appear upbeat with be lost.

Consider the affects of you well meaning words and ask yourself how you would feel receiving them. Make you comments positive and uplifting when you are dating forty plus singles on Older Dating Online, as you will never know the effort that has been made to get to that date and the struggle that that forty plus single is going through. A recent break-up could have left them feeling heart broken and lacking in self confidence so telling them that they look tired could bring to the forefront of their minds all the sleepless nights of tossing and turning which is not helpful if they have come on the date to try and forget the fact that they are going through a tough time.

So, mentioning that the scarf that they are wearing is pretty and the colour suits them will give them a boost rather than making a negative comment. Consider the effect that your words would have and make them uplifting rather than negative, you will be rewarded with a happy smile and the forty plus date will appreciate the compliment on Older Dating Online. It will also open up the conversation to some well meaning and positive banter and a return compliment.

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