What is it that women want while dating on Older Dating Online?

What is it that women want while dating on Older Dating Online?

Do forty plus women know what they want ? and are forty plus men who are on Older Dating Online  struggling to work out what female daters want when dating.

This can be a myth that is widely held in culture which can be very misleading. Women who are forty plus single and dating want to be treated with respect and consideration. As a single forty plus woman who is dating on Older Dating Online I have been contacted by some male daters who are less than respectful and that is when they either get blocked or ignored.

Looking at the diary submissions on Older Dating Online it seems to puzzle many men that they do not receive answers to their messages but I do wonder what those messages were. I receive a wink or just a Hi! That does not encourage me to reply. Whereas a message that shows that the messenger has actually read my profile or taken an interest in what I have written on my dating profile is far more likely to receive an answer and a good reply. As this kind of message sparks a conversation that is easier to start and can possibly lead somewhere. This is important if you are trying to get to know another forty plus dater

I think when you are hoping to meet a forty plus dater the best thing that you can do is be the dater that you would want to date. If you ask questions or answer questions then ask yourself if you would be interested or pleased with this communication.

It is important to be yourself but make that the best forty plus dater that you can be. Be the best you. There are relatively simple ways to help you to distinguish yourself from the other daters in the social scene. Daters would like to get to know someone who is healthy and has taken care of their body and is active and interested in keeping fit. That includes basics like eating healthy, shaving and showering regularly, as well as things like not overdoing it with drugs or alcohol, having a muscular back, and one eternal truth: reading! That last one’s basically like exercise for your brain and being curious about the world around you as this will make you interesting to converse with and that will make the dates run smoothly.

Women find it really sexy when a guy is genuinely curious about them and is interested in how their day was, asking about the people in their lives or asking them how they can make them happy. In short, women want a guy who’ll listen to what they’re saying. Really hear what that is, internalise it and then ask about it later. It’s that easy.

Women are deeply attracted to guys who are genial, jovial and easy-going. Women are attracted to kind and considerate men. That includes things like being nice to strangers, being kind to service workers and that includes the waiters that serve you and being a natural around animals.  It’s about treating other beings with respect, even if they’re less intelligent or powerful than you are. Manners are important and are not old fashioned they are sexy.

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