For those women like me who are puzzled by men on Older Dating Online

For those women like me who are puzzled by men on Older Dating Online

Different up bringing means a different response from men and women. Men are taught to be strong silent and supress emotion. Women value empathy and are taught that emotion is a good thing to show and to look for support where as men are taught to be independent. Hence, we have problems understanding each other sometimes. Meet daters on Older Dating Online.

Women show their vulnerable side in conversations and the share more intimately about their personal feelings, whereas men bond over sport, cars and things they have achieved and possessions they love.

Action man is not a trendy action figure, men view life through actions. Understanding men means you have to look at their actions. Actions are a way to understand a man. If he is interested in you, his actions will lead the way.

While everyone has the same basic desire and that is to love and be loved in return, men and women have very different ways of showing it, which can lead to confusion and even arguments. It’s easier to understand men when you keep the following tips in mind:

We’ve all been there; you just want him to listen while you share your heartfelt problem, but your man will be thinking about a way to solve what to him is a problem. He is actually being supportive, he is trying to find a solution to your bad day. Where as, you just want him to listen and pay attention and give you a hug, or maybe take you out to dinner so you don’t need to cook, again !

Unlike women, most men aren’t used to tip-toeing around other people’s feelings. Peoples feelings are left to the women folk. Plus, men are generally honest with people they care about. Sometimes too honest, so bear that in mind when you are for an option. Which means that your man may think you want honesty rather than support when you ask him if you look fat in this dress. Knowing this will help you to understand men more easily.

Most men haven’t had much practice dealing with emotions and their non-measurable, intangible quality makes things worse. It’s probably why guys love sports so much, aside from their competitive nature – it’s hard to argue with data. So, what comes across as a cold insistence on facts is really a discomfort with emotions.

All that makes  this next part hard to understand for most women. Men like praise, even though they pretend to wave it off. Men have big ego’s , most women will hesitate in being just as honest as their male partner when it comes to speaking it out. Men like praise even when it is encouragingly over the top. Men enjoy a lingering glance or a compliment, but they can become quite miffed if their female date gets similar looks and attention from other men and makes it plain that she enjoys the attention.

Just as every relationship needs time together, everyone also needs time apart. You can’t miss someone who’s always there. Men need you to understand that a weekend away with the boys isn’t going to end your relationship, it might just strengthen it. They might not be so willing for their partner to leave for weekends away with the girls though.

Men generally aren’t great at multitasking, preferring to devote their focus to the task at hand. Which is why you shouldn’t worry overmuch if he doesn’t text you for a few days; it’s not that he doesn’t care, he’s probably just forgotten to communicate.

The truth is, most guys really want to make you happy, even if their execution isn’t the greatest. While it feels instinctive to complain or criticise when he does something you didn’t really want, resist. Instead, compliment him when he makes you happy and he’ll do it more often. This may seem like training a puppy, but whatever works !

Every guy is different and with over three billion of them in the world, there’s no one set of rules that will work for everyone, when you are dating on Older Dating Online. The best way to understand men in general is to focus on the specific men in your life and see how they respond.

All too often, a relationship falls apart not because of things like infidelity or abuse but because women and men just don’t understand each other. Understanding comes from communication so talk about  things and you will find the key to a happier, more fulfilled relationship.

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