Writing your dating profile on Older Dating Online

Writing your dating profile on Older Dating Online

Most forty plus daters  on Older Dating Online find writing their dating profile challenging, how do you describe yourself, your life and your needs in a adequate manner in a few words?

Why is it that we find is so unnerving to write positively about ourselves? Do we feel that we are bragging if we describe ourselves in a positive way or do we always listen to the negative voices that we tell ourselves rather than thinking of ourselves in a positive way.?

Th is sure is the case  if you are online dating then you only have your dating profile to make an impression, so you had better make the effort.  All you have is the words that you write on your dating profile and a few great pictures to male the impression that you need to make. You are not face to face with a prospective dater until you have communicated online first so your profile is important.

Before you get online write a few things about yourself with a pen and paper as we can relax and be more creative this way and it gives you a chance to collect your thoughts when you physically write by hand.

Write about what you most admire and enjoy in a friend and appreciate about their companionship and achievements, now think about the same positive thoughts about yourself.. The aim to is loosen you up without expecting any other outcome and simply encouraging you to be free with your writing and to centre your thoughts and make you more comfortable about mentioning good qualities on your dating profile. Think about why someone would want to date you and write down some words that describe that. Jut words not sentences. Each word must be unique to you. Use your unique style to just who you are, unlike anyone else. Have a go at having fun and be different so that you stand out.

Know what makes you unique, so that you can weave it into your dating profile so that you stand out and attract a date who suits your personality.

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