Admitting to being average when dating on Older Dating Online

Admitting to being average when dating on Older Dating Online

When it comes to creating your dating profile on Older Dating Online not many of us have the courage to admit that we are average.

I see lots of profiles that describe themselves as very athletic. In terms of being an athlete most people will have quite high expectations and if you don’t live up to those standards it can lead to disappointment when you meet your single date on Older Dating Online.

The research showed that men who considered themselves as good looking or athletic could put single daters off and appear to be egotistical or big headed.

This clearly demonstrates that average-looking men are likely to be more popular when it comes to dating.

However, this same standard does not apply to single women daters.

This double standard can mean that men daters will only contact good looking women and will not contact daters without seeing several pictures on a dating profile. These pictures must include close face profiles pictures and also a full body picture that is close enough to be recognisable. Obviously traditional gender roles persist

This paradox clearly shows that despite the progressive growth in online dating over the last decade, traditional gender roles persist.

The data clearly shows that men are more confident in their pursuit of dating and relationships and place more importance on looks. It also shows that women are happy with an average looking date.

Men still make the first move on Older Dating Online and they tend to have far more confidence about approaching women with high levels of attractiveness. Single dating women need to be more assertive and take the lead more and feel equally empowered to exercise the same choices around dating and relationships, if they so choose.
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