All gone quiet on Older Dating Online, are you on the bench?

All gone quiet on Older Dating Online, are you on the bench?

Not only has the Internet changed the way that forty plus daters meet each other and start dating just a whole new language has been created to describe the different online dating events and states of the relationships or breakups.

I think, we are familiar with ghosting and playa, however there is a new one which unfortunately is not a good place to be nor is it a considerate way of behaving when you are online dating.  Benching and what it means to be `benched’

As in a sports team if you are on the bench you are in the reserve position, so when you are dating you have been put on the back burner, not kicked out of the team but just not actually on the field and part of the game for awhile. This is one of the best reasons to not become exclusive until you know and trust the forty plus dater that you are seeing, on Older Dating Online and until you both agree that being exclusive is a mutual arrangement.

Don’t be caught out as one of those daters who are technically still part of the team, but sit on the bench, providing options when the regular daters fall out of favour again or are guilty of not returning text messages or are unavailable. Keep your options open so that you are not felling exclusive when the reality is that you are not. Take your time to get to know the forty plus dater that you are seeing well before making any commitments that tie you into exclusivity.

Don’t be the substitute for the real date that couldn’t make it. Benching is all about keeping your options open, which is always a good option in the early stages of meeting someone online. There are many aspects to online dating some of them really exciting and wonderful but as with anything you need to have common sense as not everyone in life is kind and considerate. If you feel that you have been benched then asking yourself if you have been ignored lately, are your messages taking longer to be replied too, dates fewer and fewer and contact from a darer who was previously attentive not quite so frequent and passionate? Do they suggest meeting again or is the next meeting indefinite?

Don’t spend your time hanging around waiting for a contact that might take days or weeks to happen, salvage your pride and meet more reliable forty plus daters on Older Dating Online. If you are constantly worrying that the daters that you are seeing will back out of mutual plans at the last minute, then the stress is not worth it. If they wanted to meet up them they would, plain and simple. If you want something enough then you make the effort.

Iif you are being benched then you have two choices and they are continue with a half-hearted relationship or get up and walk away and find a new dater online who is at least committed to being in a fully committed relationship. Don’t be an option rather than a priority. If you feel that you are on the bench, then it’s almost always best to get up and walk away, even if you feel that it is a very hard decision to make. If you feel that you have to be part of the cheer leader crowd shouting pick me pick me, then it is heartbreaking and will ruin your self confidence.  By sitting on the bench you could mis out on meeting someone who feels that you are a priority, maybe even the star of the show. Get off the bench and find your team player, find your tribe member

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