Forty plus wisdom when dating on Older Dating Online

Forty plus wisdom when dating on Older Dating Online

It’s safe to assume most forty plus daters have past relationships that haven’t worked out well and have left emotional scars.

Perhaps the way to deal with past hurt that we carry around as baggage by using our past as experience rather than wallowing in past failures and hurt viewing these as experience and learning from them is the best way to go and allows you to move forward with new relationships and your future life.

Giving relationships a chance and viewing them in a positive way is a healthy way to grow as a person again after break-ups. Learning from past relationship problems is a more positive way of dealing with `baggage’ rather than always feeling that it is a negative lesson and will be self repeating. There is nothing to say that the same outcome will happen in a new forty plus relationship.

You could be on the brink of a happy and contented relationship and a lifelong romance.

Turn past hurts into learning curves and reach the top of the curve to happiness rather than always looking down the curve to break-up heartache. Smile and be positive as that is attractive and enticing. Use this lockdown period to get to know your forty plus dater slowly and prepare for the time when we can meet up again and socialise by watching movies and going to a restaurant. In the lockdown period be creative and communicate online and through zoom. Write a diary of your dating experience and compose a poem, even if it is silly, it will make you both blush and laugh and create memories.

It can be tempting to meet a forty plus date, who seems to be your type, but that could be a mistake because if it didn’t work the first times it is unlikely to work this time. While there’s something to be said for familiarity, if love didn’t work then, why would it work now?  Find ways to heal, whether that means getting counselling or doing some soul-searching. “Healing is the only way to date a person who isn’t similar to someone who is unhealthy for you and to allow yourself to move on in a positive way to find a good peaceful and healthy relationship and grow in love and contentment.


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