Being healthy for dating on Older Dating Online

Being healthy for dating on Older Dating Online 

As a forty plus dater on Older Dating Online I have to ensure that I am healthy for dating. I am normally a very healthy and active and I do lots of gardening both for myself and also for others who have gardens that they can not manage anymore. So I have a very active lifestyle and ensure that I keep relatively fit and enjoy a lifestyle that keeps me active for dating on Older Dating Online.

So, when I contracted Covid it was a bit of a shock and having a very severe dose of it was even more of a challenge. To be honest I was so ill that I could do nothing but lie in bed and let the world pass me by. Covid had suddenly become a reality to me and not just an item on the news and in the media. Covid is a terrible virus and nothing like flu or a bad cold, so do not be deceived

After 10 days of what I can only describe as extreme discomfort, pain and despair I went to the community hospital to the accute illness clinic which is special Covid department and separated from the rest of the hospital. there is a reason why you feel isolated and confined to places with other Covid sufferers. No-one wants what you are suffering with, and quite frankly after dealing with it I don’t blame them. Covid is terrible and not to be messed with.

Fortunately i am coming through the worst now and starting to feel better, however I am still struggling with low energy and exhaustion so not quite ready for dating on Older Dating Online 

However the feeling that I can wake up and feel more normal and positive about life again and with each passing day my health improves and I can start dating again on Older Dating Online 


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