Looking in the mirror as a forty plus dater on Older Dating Online

Looking in the mirror as a forty plus dater on Older Dating Online 

If we have recently been through a break-up and self confidence is low we can be very hard on ourselves and feel that we are never going to feel good about ourselves again, but we need to realise that we are more than the person we see in the mirror.

I have recently had to drag myself out of a situation that i felt i was being abused verbally and building myself up again is taking courage.

I have had to remember what I have achieved and the travels that I have been on. The challenges that I have faced and conquered. I have tried to focus on the happy times in my life and the laughter, the people that I have been kind to and the gentle words that I have given and received. all of those count when I am dating on Older Dating Online.

It is easy to wallow in the messy parts of our lives and to internalise the harsh words that have been spoken over us, but we need to focus on the extraordinary memories that I have made and the life affirming beautiful moments that make me who i am as a forty plus single dater. a strong and resilient person, who will get through this period of blame taking!

For mental health we need to move forward with courage and start afresh with other forty plus who are also trying to rebuild a relationship with a positive single dater on Older Dating Online. Maybe you are finding it hard to trust again but you need to be able to trust yourself if you are going to rise above the broken parts of your life and start to rebuild. Meet other single daters on Older Dating Online.

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