Own that profile picture on Older Dating Online

Own that profile picture on Older Dating Online

Posing for a good profile picture takes practice and needs a little thought, but get it right and it really works on Older Dating Online.  It is the first thing that attracts attention on online dating.

Before  taking pictures spend a time in front of the mirror practicing different angles and poses and get a feel for what suits you best so that you have the best look for your mouth, chin and eyes and how you will look in a shot. This will help you to gain confidence when you are in front of the lens.

Think about when you feel happy and relaxed and wear a big broad smile, this will make you look fun and approachable and fun to be with.

If you can access that feeling and channel it in front of the camera, you’ll just shine in your online dating profile pictures on Older Dating Online.co.uk

Practice until you get the hang of it.

Ground your feet as this has a calming effect and will give you confidence to flash that beautiful smile. Grounding yourself  before you do anything that makes you feel nervous, allows you to relax  your body and feelings of confidence will follow.  Concentrate on your breathing and imagine the oxygen moving through your body, or simply putting your hand on your head or your heart and believing that you are worthy and whole will give you time to breathe and relax.

Wear  an outfit that builds your self confidence and makes you feel and look good. Make sure that your clothes fit you and look clean and tidy and stylish.    This will build your self confidence and allow other daters to see the kind of  person you are appreciate your divine personality. The easiest way to do this is to wear something that you’d usually choose for a hot first date. You know the outfit, the one that curves in all the right places and makes heads turn. That outfit is the one that is going to help build on your new-found confidence.

Mastering your body language is the quickest way to come across as confident, so own the space in the profile picture. Take up room as that is what confident people do. Confident people are not shrinking personalities.

Take up room in the picture, now is not the time to be the shy shrinking violet. You are a confident forty plus dater, not a wall flower!

Confident forty plus daters  take up room. They’re not shrinking to fit in or hanging back. They make themselves visible and they wear that confidence with pride and they smile their way through any situation. Open up your body language, stand proud and don’t cross your arms as this comes across as defensive or aggressive.. Open arms and hands come across as warm and welcoming. Don’t shrink away from the lens, open yourself up to it. Own the space. Claim the picture as your own. A relaxing touch is to hold something so if  you have a book or a pretty bag or even some flowers or a coffee cup use these as a prop that will give you a more natural appearance and this will relax you.

Connect with your photographer and go with the flow, experiment , have fun, dance and swirl, swing that skirt.  Let your eyes smile along with your mouth as then your smile will look genuine and you will look natural and as if you are approachable and fun to be with.

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