Senior Christians trusting the Lord on

Senior Christians trusting the Lord on

I receive a daily blessing and I thought that this mornings blessing was really lovely and therefore I will share it as it is so uplifting if you are feeling lonely and isolated in these stay at home times. If you are forty plus and dating on Older Dating Online then you will have the ability to message and communicate with other forty plus singles, even if you cannot actually meet up.

Just because we are at home does not mean that we are isolated, we have people who love us and we have a mighty Lord who has promised to never leave or forsake us.

Meeting other Christians online to communicate and support each other through online messages and even taking communion online. We can share so much togetherness by the wizardry of modern communication. We could easily communicate with other Christian daters on Older Dating Online and really get to know them online during this time of isolation and staying at home. We can really get to know how another Christian dater reacts in this time of isolation and a different way of doing things. Different living conditions can bring out extreme kindness or a more ugly side of your personality.

Has the change made them kinder or more stressed and impatient and angry. These times can really bring out the true character of a person, so meeting other daters online at this time could be a very good advantage.

Meet dating Christians on Older Dating Online by using messages on the site in these times of isolation and staying at home, take this time to relax and really get to know people and see how they react in these unusual times as this would be important in any long-term relationship, as life does not always run smoothly so finding out early how someone reacts in a crisis or unusual life conditions is an advantage.

Prevent challenging mental health issues caused by isolation by getting in touch with other Christians online on and break your isolation while still staying at home. May the following word bless and support you, during these challenging times.

Ecclesiastes 9:11

‘The race is not always won by the swiftest, the battle is not always won by the strongest.’

– Human strength and ability are not always a guarantee of success.
– We must never leave the Lord out of the equation of life.
– He tells us: Let the weak say, ‘I am strong!’
– He tells us: Let the poor say, ‘I am rich!

PRAYER: Lord, I choose to run the particular race You have set before me, with Your strength. I choose to fight the battle I am confronted with, in Your might and Your power . Amen

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