Stretch to maintain flexibility on Older Dating Online

Stretch to maintain flexibility on Older Dating Online

As we start to get into our forty plus years we can feel that we are a little less limber. To avoid things getting tighter and less flexible we need to keep stretching.

The early morning stretch can help you start the day right and you could even do it with your Older Dating Online partner and make it part of your morning giggle routine.

Sit on the edge of the bed with your feet flat on the floor and your legs at a 90 degree angle. Roll your shoulders back and forth while look straight ahead. See what I mean about the giggles!

Place your left hand behind you on the bed slightly wider than your left hip. No pushing now !

Place your right hand on your right knee, I said YOUR right knee!!! Take a deep breath while turning your shoulders to the left and look behind you, feeling your spine stretch but don’t over do it. Hold for the count of 5 (slow count )

Repeat on the right side. Do five of these twists, stop cheating I said 5.

You could turn your stretches into a good natured game with your partner and you will both see and feel the benefit.

Regardless of your age or mobility stretching and remaining active will help with your mobility and help you to remain limber, which will help you on Older Dating Online. 

Stretching can help with staving off the many mobility related problems that can bother us as we start to age. Beside maintaining your range of motion stretching can be helpful in preventing injuries  and maintaining balance and core muscle mass, which allows for a variety of activities.

Stretching allows for flexibility to bend down to tie your shoe laces, pick up things from the floor and carry items that need to be moved. Moving items with a bit of weight is like lifting and using weights. You don’t need to go to the gym and work out to remain healthy and fit, just moving and stretching and lifting the odd item can be a good work out if done daily and properly. Maintaining an active lifestyle as we age is important and ensures a healthier pain free older age.  Make sure you can bend and stretch your body for healthy exciting dating for forty plus daters.

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