Are you a stubborn dater on Older Dating Online?

Are you a stubborn dater on Older Dating Online?

Life changes make you adaptable so once I was stubborn but as I have got older I have realised that I have had to be more flexible and adaptable to be happier in life.

I have had to become less rigid in my outlook while still maintaining my boundaries in life. My boundaries keep me safe and make me secure and happy but being immovable and not adapting to change can make you feel unhappy and stuck in a rut. Joining Older Dating Online has allowed me to contact singles from all walks of life which has been enriching.

In the past winning an argument was important to me as I had to have things my way. It was important because it was defence against an abusive relationship.

Getting out of an abusive relationship was the first step to relaxing and being myself and allowing compromise into my life. I am a stronger happier person. I laugh a lot more and that includes laughing at myself sometimes too. i still value myself and I am proud of the growth that I have achieved and that makes me a more honest and better person to be with on Older Dating Online.  I still work hard and I am responsible for myself but I also realise that I make mistakes and that I can grow from those mistake rather than letting them make me feel inferior. Dating online has become more relaxed and happier as I know what I am looking for in a forty plus partner. Some may say that because I am firm in what I require in a date makes me rigid but knowing what you want out of life and working towards that, is empowering  rather than being immovable. I am happy and I do not want anyone in my life who is likely to impact on that happiness in a negative way. Knowing what you want out of life without compromise is a strength and a pathway.

I am on the pathway of Older Dating Online  and i am content to be on that pathway as long as it takes because I am happy with myself and the choices that I make on a day by day basis. I don’t need anyone to tell me the path to take, but if I find a single on Older Dating Online who is happy to join me on the path that we are both happy on then that would be a success story. Until them I am on my path.

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