The need to bring back the romance to dating on Older Dating Online because of the virus

The need to bring back the romance to dating on Older Dating Online because of the virus

We are needing to rethink our views on forty plus dating and we are all having to think in a creative and possibly more romantic way to online dates on Older Dating Online. We all need to stay safe and therefore meeting up is not allowed at the moment.

Not meeting up should not be a hindrance to starting a relationship with other There is no longer the opportunity to meet up but that should not put a stop to creating a relationship and starting romance. We need to be creative and think about interesting and romantic ways to relate and show our true personality and interesting aspects to our character, so that each virtual date is entertaining and enjoyable.

Risqué pictures and dating questions like your place or mine no longer apply. Perhaps the age of romance and courtship is back. Yes a possibly long forgotten art in the previous fast moving world that has suddenly ground to a lock down and stay at home environment. I personally have met forty plus daters and have grown to appreciate their phone calls and zoom meet ups during this time of Isolation.

Virtual dating means that there is no parking problems no stress at organising a restaurant booking and let’s face it you can drink knowing that you don’t need to drive, all sounds positive so far doesn’t it? It also means that the first date does not include a get into bed at the end of the date expectancy. Neither does it include the awkward dodging kiss when you are saying goodbye. If the date doesn’t work out then you are not left with a feeling of a waste of money and yet another self confidence down turn.

Turning to virtual dating since the corona virus ­outbreak, and the stay at home policy means that more forty plus singles on Older Dating Online are trying to meet and speak to each other by zoom. Skype and even normal phone calls, rather than meeting at pubs clubs and bars.

While an online courtship might not suit those who use online dating for casual hook-ups, singles who are looking for a long-term relationship might actually find the slower pace more successful and build fun memories that will last much longer and build a closeness that lasts.

Welcome back to courtship and romance to build a long term relationship that grows slower and could therefore be stronger in the long term. We could be entering a slower pace with a more patient and genuine relationship building time frame. We could be getting to know each other better. A return to sending messages and a loving card and a little distance flirting.

Many singles who have been out of relationships for a number of years are excited for the prospect of the modern twist on traditional romance.

There is something heart-warming about the idea of an old-fashioned courtship. Less casual sex, and quick hook-ups and more relationship building which is good as we can get to know each other’s potential  before we meet up. Take advantage of this less pressurised way of dating on Older Dating Online and build a relationship in this slower pace world by starting with virtual dates.

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