Your emotional health in a forty plus relationship on Older Dating Online

Your emotional health in a forty plus relationship on Older Dating Online

Emotional boundaries help you separate your thoughts and feelings from those of your partner – and helps you own your own baggage, when you are forty plus dating on Older Dating Online .

Boundaries  are important, because it is easy to get carried away with the idea of love and relationship when you are forty plus dating. This could cause you to loose sight of who you are as an individual, with your own thoughts and needs.

Put simply, healthy boundaries mean you take responsibility for your own thoughts and feelings and don’t hold others accountable for your overall happiness or welfare. It means you’re relatively comfortable with who you are and less prone to blaming and shaming games.  Boundaries also prevent us from trying to manipulate and control others.

Good character indicates we have integrity, honesty and a good moral compass. Admittedly, it’s a slightly old-fashioned concept. Even if we like a partner who  ‘challenges’ them. On the plus side, if you’ve ever dated someone with a very kind and giving nature you’ll appreciate how precious these traits , of empathy, honesty and respect actually are.

The average couple argues up to six times a month, but getting  angry is not necessarily a red flag.. Anger is a natural emotional response that can propel human beings towards meaningful mutual goals. It means we can stand up to abuse or oppressive behaviour. In fact, the absence of anger can suggest that couples are turning their anger inwards, and, over time, this can lead to depression and disconnection. This type of lack of mutual communication could mean that you are drifting apart and that total disinterest could be the outcome. Suddenly, you’re strangers under the same roof. What’s key in healthy relationships is how a couple negotiates anger. If you can resolve conflicts relatively quickly, then you can build more relationship resilience and have a better chance of growing together and sustaining a long term relationship.

Communication that builds is the best way of sustaining a relationship, rather than communication that breaks down partners and destroys trust and self confidence.

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