Your personality traits and find someone compatible on Older Dating Online

Your personality traits and find someone compatible on Older Dating Online 

How you generally interact with the world around you and those character traits that influence your actions and attitudes to other forty plus daters on Older Dating Online .
We experience life and react to circumstances in different ways usually: instinctively, emotionally, and rationally. Each of these character traits develop during childhood and are reinforced in later life.

How we express ourselves in daily life will determine how we experience reality and relate to other people and in this instant the daters we meet online on Older Dating Online.

Your “gut feeling” or that instinctive feeling is the inner sense of knowing and the intuition that sends you important signals of beware or peace.

Your feelings or emotions are the main driver of how you experience and relate to the world the world and your place in it. Emotions can be anything from anger to anxiety, sadness to surprise and happiness or joy and these will have an affect on most aspect of your day to day life.

Rational or Logic, objectivity, and logical thought influences how you make wise decisions, and can have a big effect on your views and behaviour. Your intellect lets you solve problems and sort through complex information. Logical thought keeps you from running in front of the oncoming car or putting your hand on the hot hob.

Passion is expressed in countless ways during forty plus dating. You might also be passionate about art, work, nature, animals, travel or politics. This emotional high energy is how you relate to ideas and things you care about in your life. If you a high energy person you are likely to prefer passionate dating partnerships.

Your level of self-control develops during childhood by learning a normal reaction and this keeps us calm and allows for calmer long term relationships.

It’s a good idea if forty plus partners have compatible ideas about responsibilities in their dating relationship and domestic duties. The tradition male female roles do not really exist anymore and male female characteristics can vary between the genders too.

A forty plus dater with a strong masculine side might display courage, initiative, or a dominant streak, whereas, a forty plus dater with a strong feminine side might feel moods and emotions more deeply. Different partners have varying desire for physical and mental togetherness and needs to be closely involved in their partner’s life, even to reading similar books and watching the same TV shows.

Empathetic forty plus daters naturally pick up on their partner’s feelings, thoughts and motivations. Positive daters see everything in an optimistic view point and would find a  pessimist hard to understand.

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