Can you love two people at the same time on Older Dating Online

Can you love two people at the same time on Older Dating Online?

Most of us have a  boundless capacity for love and enjoy loving but when it involves `being’ in love with two daters at the same time, you may feel torn and confused about your feelings. How can you love two forty plus daters at the same time?

The ways of the heart are rarely straightforward, but loving two forty plus daters at the same time is enough to challenge the emotional strength of most people. There are no easy answers to this love triangle and every relationship situation is  unique..

There’s a distinct difference between love and lust.  Love tends to develop slowly, over time, as this time allows you to get to know someone. Lust is usually quite instant and can have a similar effect on the brain to cocaine as sexual attraction hormones are released into the body. Lust is often confused with love because it’s so intense and all-consuming. When you’re in a committed relationship and develop a strong attraction to someone outside of it, you’ll probably feel very confused and question your commitment to your partner. When you feel `in lust’ you need to take a step back before you act on your feelings ask yourself, is it love that you’re feeling or lust? Avoid making far-reaching decisions based on what could be a passing emotion.

In the world of online dating, it’s perfectly acceptable to be dating more than one forty plus dater at the same time. However when a strong connection is developed forty plus daters will usually mutually agree to become exclusive. This needs to be discussed and agreed by both daters to avoid misunderstanding and hurt feelings.

The reality is that different people will be attractive to you and each will bring unique things to a relationship, just as different daters will be attracted to you.

You may be dating a forty plus dater who brings out your artistic and thoughtful side and then you might meet a forty plus senior dater who is more playful and makes you laugh. If you’re physically attracted to them both it can be very difficult to choose between them as the different aspects of their personalities brings joy and enjoyment to your forty plus dating life and you would miss these qualities in your dating life.

If both the forty plus daters you’re dating are aware that you’re seeing other people, there isn’t a problem. Difficulties arise when things are kept secret.

All healthy relationships are based on trust and in order for that to exist, each person must be aware of the boundaries of the dating relationship. Having an open relationship can lead to insecurities and jealousy and it could leave you with no-one.

How would it feel to imagine your forty plus date in the arms of another forty plus dater. Would this feel like a reasonable situation? Would this open relationship take something away from their love for you or would you be threatened and feel jealous and sidelined?

Accepting that you cannot choose between the two daters,  you might have to set them both free and wait to see if one comes back.  If neither forty plus dater comes back then perhaps you are meant to be with someone new who you grow to love on such a deep level that you only have eyes for them.

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