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Coats and jackets are a favourite of mine so my suggestion for forty plus winter dates is if you have any money to invest in winter date wear, then you can’t go wrong with a great coat. The right coat slides tactfully over any winter weight curves that you might have gained while enjoying those pre-Christmas party goodies.

A great coat is a fashion statement and creates a first impression of drama and glamour. Go for a nipped-in, tailored cut to give you an hourglass figure. Choose collars that frame your face and a good faux fur is great for this. I am certainly not in favour of real fur and there is no need for it now, as there are lovely faux fur styles. Don’t always opt for black either as a lovely bright colour will look wonderful when everything else is so dull and drab.

Underneath your coat, concentrate on textures. Winter is a wonderful chance to wear clothes that feel as good as they look. Tempt your man to put his arm around you with a lovely soft fluffy sweater. Think soft velvet dresses, and smooth woollens. A lovely fragrance will encourage a nice cuddle, so treat yourself to a lovely favourite perfume.

Jewellery is not always about pieces are oversized earrings and necklaces.  Be different and start collecting brooches to pin scarves to that lovely coat. Brooches are supposed to be out of vogue so make sure that you are different and make your own fashion statement. A brooch could be a great way to express your personality to and using a group of similar brooches can inject a sense of fun and humour into an outfit.

It has been noted that women wearing jewellery have been found to appear more attractive and eye catching that the same woman not wearing jewellery as an accessory.

Winter clothes are great for single men on dates as they tend to be bulkier than summer styles. Fleeces, sweaters and heavy coats all broaden your shoulders and widen your chest without your spending a minute in the gym. Don’t forget women are drawn to men’s bodies that have an inverted-triangle shape (wide at the shoulder, narrow at the hip), so emphasise these proportions by choosing wide-shouldered jackets that narrow to a slim waist like the classic motorcycle jacket, suit jacket, or tux.
Women love taller men. In fact sometimes height is the one aspect of a date’s appearance that women won’t compromise on, however dressing correctly can make you look instantly taller. Choose monochromatic colour schemes.  By dressing in one shade gives you a visual step-up, so wear matching jackets and trousers. Buy clothes that fit your body as sloppy, oversized clothes will only emphasise your smaller frame.

On forty plus dates, appear to be more concerned with your date’s warmth than your own. Being draped protectively in a man’s coat, jacket or scarf is sure to raise any woman’s temperature.

Dating in winter can be hot and there is no need to hunker down in the colder months when you could be getting out and about and meeting forty plus dates and enjoying great conversation with exciting romance.

Sarah Hussey xx

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