Appear more self confident by adopting new actions and a new attitude on Older Dating Online

Appear more self confident by adopting new actions and a new attitude on Older Dating Online  Self confident forty plus daters are confident and comfortable in the clothes that they wear.  It has nothing to do with brands and cost it is about finding your own style that you are comfortable in and that suits your body type and inner personality. Self confident forty plus people don’t have to be the most stylish or expensively dressed , but their clothes suit them totally.

Self confident forty plus daters have a self awareness that means that they are aware of their place in the stream of life. They know they look good in something and it shows. We gain confidence when we can look in the mirror and acknowledge that the jeans and T-shirt or the dress really does look good on us. You don’t need to spend a fortune either, perhaps go with a friend if you’re not confident about choosing something that suits you. You want to get that feeling of, ¬this is the one!’

There is something unique about really being listened to and this is something that confident people know so well. They know the right questions to ask to allow the person they are communicating with to grow and appreciate being listened to. A confident person knows it’s not about them; they can give the other person the chance to talk about themselves or whatever the topic of conversation is. They don’t feel threatened if they aren’t the centre of attention. This ability to listen is an asset on a forty plus date as it alleviates dating nerves and allows a relationship to develop.

You will never hear a self confident forty plus person judging themselves in their conversations with others or turning down compliments. It is toxic when you speak negatively about yourself and it feeds the voices in your head that everyone needs to deal with. Turn those inner voices in positive singing voices that build your self confidence rather that breaking you down.

Self confident forty plus daters look after themselves and respect themselves and others. They look after their body and their emotions. They live life well and give themselves they are unlikely to continue forty plus relationships that are unsatisfying or go against their values. They have the confidence to know to prioritise their needs, whether that is physical or emotional.

Self confident singles won’t make up things to make themselves look better than they are. They are happy with the way that they are  and expect people to accept them just the way they are. There is no need to embellish themselves and they will tend to be open and positive in their outlook. A confident person will not be badmouthing their ex or all the bad dates they’ve had. They are more than likely to find online dating a positive experience.

Take a look at your dating profile and give it an honest review. Are you being true to yourself? Are you portraying yourself in a positive and confident light? Are you smiling and being open in your photographs.

Sarah Hussey xx

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