Am I too old for Older Dating Online?

I believe that people can and should have fun at every age – I certainly plan to!

While it is good to find enjoyment in solitude, I think that there should be times when fun comes out of spending time with people, and dating can be a wonderful enhancement to your forty plus life.  You don’t have to remarry or get serious with someone. It is up to you to set the parameters of what you really want.

If you are all alone and you are starting to believe that it is going to stay that way despite your desire to meet people and enjoy mature companionship.  You look in the mirror and you say to yourself that your  age is against you. That no one will find you attractive enough to want to go out with you.

The most important thing you need to work on is your confidence, because until you build that up, it will be very difficult to get past this self destructive attitude.

Getting out socially, making new friends and acquaintances, and trying new things will help build up your confidence. It is amazing how good you feel when you try something new that you end up really enjoying. This also makes you an interesting senior dater and when you go on a first date it makes you feel interesting and confident too.

The other advantage to building up a new social life and developing some new interests is that you are showing independence and initiative and that you can take care of yourself. This will hopefully pave the way to a new self confidence when you re-enter the dating scene as an interesting forty plus single.

Once you start working on this aspect you can look at the next phase which is to take a good look in the mirror. A little effort in this area can make you feel great and a lot more self confident!

Get someone to take your photo after your new hair style and have spoilt yourself with some stylish new clothes or accessories.

If you aren’t sure if something suits you or is outdated, ask someone.  Enjoy reinventing yourself and growing in self-confidence. As every day should be a growth period so enjoy your improvement

Sarah Hussey xx

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