Are you connected to your forty plus date on Older Dating Online?

Is your forty plus date making you feel like you are connected despite only knowing the for a short time?.

This feeling of connection can lead to heartbreak when the connection is suddenly comes to an end. When you are communicating by messages you could be building up false hopes and that is why it is important to speak on the phone or meet as soon as possible so that a proper connection could be established or if the real connection is not there you can both move on.

Don’t let that messaging stage create an “artificial relationship.”

You need to be aware that you don’t have a relationship with a forty plus dater that you haven’t even spoken to or gone on a date with yet. It is just a fantasy and not real life.

It feels real, but it’s just a fantasy until you make it real by meeting and getting to know your forty plus dater in real life and establish if the good feelings are sustained in real time.

If you arrange further meetings that is always an obvious and important sign that we tend to ignore when we are forty plus because our self confidence could be lacking.

If that forty plus dater keeps talking to you, you can be pretty sure they are interested.
That’s it. It is not like chasing you down the street with a glass slipper or breaking into song but wanting to chat with you and showing an interest can be just as romantic.

We all want a secret signal that we can spot so that we don’t have to risk feeling like a fool for revealing our own feelings.
The truth is that it’s rare that you’re going to have some wildly improbable meeting that results in marriage.
He said hello, and you smiled and said hello back.
That’s how love typically starts. If you forty plus date keeps making efforts to reconnect with you – and he keeps asking you out – then they are interested. It may not WOW you with the sheer magnitude of their effort, but it’ll keep happening and that’s your biggest sign.

How comfortable are you at letting your interest show? On a scale of 1 to 10…
Where 1 is NOT comfortable at all – “Let them do all the work, and I’m going to stay cool but not dismissive.”
And 10 is really comfortable – “I’ll ask him out, and contact them first all the time.”
Where are you on this scale? Do you tease and have a sense of humor and do you share the same enjoyments. These are all positive dating signs when you are forty plus dating online.

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