Are you respectful when forty plus dating on Older Dating Online?

Critical generalisation is not a healthy or helpful way to start dating or forty plus relationships.

If your comments are something like `all men’ or`all women’ then you are not being fair to future relationships as everyone is different and deserves the respect of being treated as an individual.

I know that most people don’t want to generalise, but we wind up doing that anyway.

Most daters are busy and don’t always consider that they are being disrespectful. Of course people are just interested in getting their own needs met and if there actions feel disrespectful they are not always thinking about it.

There will always be forty plus daters who are just plan disrespectful and if you come across them it is better to avoid them. They possibly have not been taught to be thoughtful about other peoples feelings or maybe they lack their own self esteem and forty plus dating and relationships are just too challenging. Because of a lack of self esteem they will fake a superior attitude and this can seem very disrespectful.

Watch how they handle waiters and waitresses in restaurants, or anyone in a clerk position. If they are not given respect then it will be a matter of time before you are not respected either.

You want a forty plus date who sees the dignity and value in everyone. If not then their issues will get in the way of forty plus love in a forty plus dating relationship.

All it takes is a bad breakup, and your image of the opposite sex is soured for some time. It’s not necessarily personal, but it might feel that way. What needs to take place is healing.

Relax not all daters are out to get you and break your heart and if you take the chance you could meet your forty plus love.

Sarah Hussey xx

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