Can Christians date online with Older Dating Online?

It is hard to think of an area of modern life that has not been revolutionised by the internet and information technology within the last twenty years. From shopping and learning to socialising and dating, we inhabit the online world to an ever increasing degree, no matter what your age group.

Yet, alongside the rapid evolution of information technology, traditional values remain a core part of everyday life including online dating for forty plus daters.

How do these two elements of the modern world work alongside each other? How do they conflict and, in other ways, support one another? For a Christian entering the largely secular world of forty plus online dating, these are questions that you are likely to face on a daily basis.

In many ways, online dating provides forty plus singles with a whole set of new opportunities which no other generation has been able to enjoy before. Learning how to use these advantages to make the right connections is sometimes a tricky business for a Christian hoping to find love and a forty plus relationship..

The best methods for Christians finding happiness through online dating are more or less  common sense.

Being Honest. This is the first rule of building any kind of lasting relationship of trust and respect with a partner and that includes how important your beliefs are to you.

Be Realistic. Waiting for a forty plus partner to appear out of the blue may mean a long wait. So use online dating profiles to find common ground, rather than fault finding and being critical.

Be Open. In the world of forty online dating, the profile page is your chance to make the  first impression. So be generous with your details, express yourself clearly and openly, and show that you are a warm person open to new ideas and experiences when you are forty plus dating.

Be Safe. Choose a familiar, public space, do not share any more personal contact details before you have got know and trust each other.

Discover what you really want.  If your  Christianity  plays a leading role in your personal life, then there is no better way to make that clear than on your dating profile.

Online dating may once have been viewed as something a little out of the ordinary. Yet in the last ten years, online dating has flourished, and an increasing number of us are meeting forty plus singles and starting successful relationships or making forty plus friends online.

There are many more reasons why many forty plus daters are all making use of online dating increasingly often these days,  and those could be safety, convenience,broadening your social circles with forty plus daters who have similar values and interests.

You can meet many great and fascinating forty plus people online.

Sarah Hussey xx

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